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Heel-O-Matic Training Aids


Heel-O-Matic is a leading manufacturer of training products for the rodeo and team roping industries. Their products are used and endorsed by top western event competitors, and they enjoy official status with the PRCA, National High School Rodeo Association, World Series of Team Roping, ACTRA, and many others.

We carry the full line of Heel-O-Matic products, including accessories and add-ons. Below are some of the most popular training aids from Heel-O-Matic.


Heel-O-Matic Bones

Best for: Headers
Key Feature: Most realistic mobile heading dummy
Weight: 50 pounds

  • Made of durable, molded plastic
  • Sturdy, wide base ensures that Bones won't tip, slip or slide
  • Every Bones comes with a horn wrap and three sets of horns (19", 28", 33") for variable practice scenarios

Whether you're a PRCA pro or just swinging your first rope, the BONES heading dummy from Heel-O-Matic provides full curl practice sessions that will improve your accuracy, sharpen your skills, and give novice ropers a controlled practice experience to build rope handling skills.

Made of durable, molded plastic, the BONES' dimensions were carefully chosen to create the most realistic heading dummy on the market. The sturdy, wide base ensures that Bones won't tip, slip or slide, even after years of practice.

Each BONES comes with a real horn wrap and sets of short (19"), medium (28") and long horns (33") to provide you with variable practice challenges or to customize your BONES to resemble the live cattle in your area. Leave the horns off completely to provide a 14" spread for calf and breakaway ropers. The built-in handle and 45 pound total weight make the BONES easy for anyone in the family to transport.

Add challenge to your practice session by raising, lowering or tipping the BONES head simply by adding 5/16? bolts (not included) to the pre-drilled spots in the base of a BONES.

BONES provides practice opportunities in nearly any environment and any weather condition. Take your roping practice inside if Mother Nature doesn't cooperate. Throw it in the truck or trailer for practice and entertainment at all of your equestrian events. You'll also love the hours of enjoyment that BONES provides to younger ropers.

"I can't take my arena with me. I can't take my steers with me. But I can take the BONES for Perfect Practice." Chad Masters, World Champion, PRCA World Record Holder





Heel-O-Matic Ground Trainer

Best For: Headers and heelers, families who rope together
Key Feature: Belt-driven pulley system for variable hopping speed adjustments

  • Practice timing with the patented Heel-O-Matic Hop.
  • Easy-to-change variable pulley system means the faster you pull, the faster the hop - Just like in a real run.
  • The most popular Heel-O-Matic model.

The Ground-Driven TRAINER is the most popular roping practice machine. Virtually maintenance free, this machine provides the realistic "Heel-O-Matic Hop" that is generated by a variable pulley system. The faster the run, the faster the hop - just like in a real run. No battery, motor, solar panel or electrical wiring to worry about. This translates to fewer parts, lower maintenance and easier assembly.

The TRAINER's pulley system has variable settings that allow you to customize your Heel-O-Matic Hop. Choose a slower hop speed at a higher pull speed, or a faster hop at a slower pull speed. You can select-and easily change-this ratio to meet your practice needs, or you can disengage the pulley system to rope it like a SLED. We've added mechanical tension arms to maintain steady belt tension and we've packed and sealed our shaft bearings to reduce friction and increase the life of your machine.

Each TRAINER is equipped with a turning head, collapsible horns, the widest legs on the market, and a rear leg dally kit to let heelers practice their hard hits and accuracy to the saddle horn.

Weight: Approximately 275 lbs



Nex by Heel-O-Matic

Eight-time world champion Joe Beaver has teamed up with Heel-O-Matic Training Systems to design and produce a premiere calf roping dummy. Joe's philosophy has long been that you've got to rope the neck to win. This best-in-class dummy combines many state-of-the-art features to help ropers practice perfectly and win.

Best For: Calf ropers, breakaway ropers and dally ribbon ropers
Key Feature: State-of-the-art mobile calf roping dummy
Weight: 35 pounds

  • Made of a hide-like material that won't let your rope slide.
  • Long neck ensures you'll practice roping the neck and make your curl kick back up.
  • Angle of the head ensures you'll keep your tip down.

Joe Beaver states, "This dummy makes roping easy. It may look a little funny, but this is the best roping dummy for calves they've made yet."



Superslider by Heel-O-Matic

Ideal For: Families, youth ropers, fun community jackpots
Key Feature: Stationary legs with a dally kit can handle those hard hits

  • Unique frame ensures stability with the tightest of turns
  • No batteries needed
  • Hours of endless entertainment

Heel-O-Matic is proud to introduce the most fun roping dummy on the market that doesn't hop. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned professional, the SuperSlider will ensure you develop and maintain the fundamentals of roping, while still having a blast! The SuperSlider is light-weight, durable, and easy to take with you anywhere you go.