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Diamond Wool Pads

Diamond Wool Pads

The Rancher Wool Pad

"The Rancher"

The best all around work/trail pad. "The Rancher" is made from ranch tough 1" Wool felt with a closely quilted cotton canvas duck or western print cover and suede wear leathers. Options for the Ranch Pads include a 4" cutback to provide wither relief, a 10" cutback for high-withered horses, or a 1" build-up in front and 4" cutback for added comfort.

Available Sizes: 30"x30", 30"x30" round, 32"x32"

Starting at $80.95

Ranch pad colors

Saddle Pad Liner

100% Wool Liners & Pads

For those who want the most natural liners and pads, our 100% Wool felt will provide comfort for the horse and the rider.

Available Sizes: 2 different thicknesses, 1/2" or 1"

Starting at $53.95

Color: Dark Gray